GIVING PEOPLE A REAL CHANCEGiving people a real chance

Since 1864, the YMCA of Brisbane has been proud to deliver a variety of charitable programs and services. Since the creation of Y-Care (South East Queensland) Inc., the YMCA together with an increasing number of donors, supporters and volunteers is now able to offer a much more diverse range of benevolent services which also impacts an increasingly larger number of people.

The YMCA is giving people a real chance through:

  • YMCA Specialist Outside School Hours Care
    Specialist OSHC provides youth with a disability with life skills that reduce future dependence, whilst providing parents and caregivers the opportunity to gain meaningful employment.
  • YMCA Vocational School
    Create better futures by assisting students disengaged from mainstream schooling to achieve their full potential through positive educational student centred programs dedicated to enhancing practical and personal skills.
  • YMCA School Breakfast Program
    Helping youth learn through providing 16,000 free breakfasts each month to school students.
  • YMCA Youth Mentoring Program
    Provides opportunities for "at risk" young people at school to connect with successful adult community mentors in order to positively influence their lives.
  • YMCA Meals for the Homeless
    Helping provide the homeless and at risk young people with the necessities of life.
  • YMCA Siblings Reconnect
    Providing siblings separated in foster care with the opportunity to stay connected, and create some positive childhood memories.
  • YMCA Affordable Housing
    Quality affordable accommodation for people in necessitous circumstances.

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